Unapproved Minutes from July 13, 2013 Meeting

District 63 Minutes
 July 13, 2013

Costa Mesa United Methodist Church

1.  The meeting was called to order with the Serenity Prayer at 9:03 AM

2.            Attendance
                DR – 1
                ADR – 1
                Treasurer – 1
                Sec’y – 1
                Alateen Liaison - 1
                GR – 13
                AGR – 1
                Visitors – 1

3.            Readings:
                Traditions – Heidi
                Hope for Today July 13 – Gail
                Concept 7 – Graham

4.            7th Tradition Basket was passed

5.            Reports
                A.            Secretary
                                Cathleen wrote corrections which will be typed and sent out to GRs
                                Motion made to approve minutes as amended – Linda
                                Second – Mary
                                Motion Passed
                B.            Hospitality
                                Sharon not present – a sign-up sheet for the next meeting was circulated
                C.            Alateen
                                Proposed requirements – assembly accepted them as presented
                                Revised requirements will be effective 6/1/13 and are available on line
                                SCAC was held 6/21 – 6/23 at University of Redlands
                                The final numbers are not yet available
                                501c3 guidelines were presented and accepted unanimously
                                D63 donations for SCAC were generous-the total amount was $1,463.44
                                There are new travel and treatment forms for SCAC
                                New form for planning events now available
                                SCWS – now has a sponsorship page that features info on training with a schedule
                                Cathleen submitted a report on the distribution of the donations – there was lots of                                                      family input
                                6 people are signed up to do the recert workshop
                                6 sponsors were lost during the recrt process – these were not active sponsors and were                                            lost due to things going on in their lives – nothing to do with Al Anon
                D.            District Rep
                                Flyers are available from the assembly for those that could not make it
                                Change of address forms – make sure group treasures have the new address for                                                                             contributions
                E.            Alternate DR
                                No report this time
                F.            Treasurer
                                The balance at the end of the meeting is $1,460.71
                                An updated budget will be emailed to the GRs – this shows what was budgeted vs actual
                                The budget for 2013 was approved
                                Gene will be added to the account as a signer and Gwen will be removed

6.            Alateen Recertification Workshop
                The 4 hour workshop is to be attended annually
                There is a 90 minute online training for initial certification – if someone is interested they need                                  to fill out the paperwork and submit to DR or Alateen Liaison
                If initial certification was granted prior to 2/1, recertification will need to be completed by 7/1
                Each district is required to host a recertification workshop during the 3 year panel
                9/14 – recert workshop for D63
                Format will include recert in AM and educational portion in PM
                                What is Alateen all about?
                                How does it fit into recovery?
                Proposed Schedule/Topics
                                Sponsors and members will share E,S and H
                                Speakers are a mixture of teens and adults
                                How does one become qualified for Alateen?
                In D63 – there are three Alateen mtgs
                Who is the target audience for the workshop – this will affect publicity efforts
                Listed in Orange Blossom and SCSW website
                The flyer to be emailed to GRs so announcements can be made
                Light refreshments for 11am for 15 minute break
                Approved budget is $250 – SCWS will pay for the room and forms needed for the workshop
                Discussion about the schedule and timeframes – suggestion to form a small group to develop                                    the schedule. 
                Cathleen will fit the schedule into the timeframes given – the afternoon session will go from 1-4                                              and will include the Q&A session.  Cathleen will determine when to offer food.
                Motion made to let Cathleen adjust the schedule to the timeframes proposed
                Motion made by Janet
                Seconded by Graham
                In favor – 9
                Opposed – 4
                Motion passed

                                Literature – Janet                                            Food – Gail
                                Set Up – Katie                                                   Clean Up – Joe
                                Greeters/Sign-In – Vicki/Mary                   Decorations – Heidi

                Publicity – The Orange Blossom deadline is Aug 10
                                Flyers to be emailed to GRs for distribution/announcements at group mtgs
                                Anyone is invited – publicity will be available at Aug Intergroup mtg
                                Gene will coordinate publicity for groups not represented at the district meeting

7.            Hot Topics for Assembly Nov 16
                Morning is for reports/afternoon dedicated to Hot Topics
                A.            Confusing as to when to use RROO and when to use KBDM. 
                                When do these fit into motions?
                B.            Rotation of Leadership

8.            SCWS May Assembly
                Suggested that we could invite one rep from each group to attend the GR mtg as a way to                                           welcome group members into the GR group
                D64 is within D63 so a determination will need to be made as to who to contact re: workshop                                     and GR mtgs
                Can someone take 2 service positions? Refer to Tradition 7 – groups are self-supporting even in                                               terms of service

Meeting Adjourned at 11:40AM with Declaration

Unapproved Minutes from July 28, 2012 Meeting

District 63 Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2012
Methodist Church Costa Mesa

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by:  Vicki Vargo, Secretary

Meeting began at 9:05 with Serenity Prayer

Traditions read by Gwen
Daily Reader – Graham
Concept 3 - Sharon

Introductions:   DR; GR – 17; AGR – 1; Alateen Liaison-1;  Treasurer – 1; Sec’y – 1.

7th Tradition - $46

Secretary:  Vicki read 04/28/12

                Under #6 on last page it was suggested that the word “Area” be added to Alateen Sponsor         Coordinator so the title reads “Area Alateen Sponsor Coordinator”
Motion to approve the minutes with the amendment put forth by Gail
Second by Mary
14 approve/0 oppose/0 abstain

Treasurer:  Detailed report prepared and reviewed by Joe.
Donations are coming in pretty consistently
D63 donated $50 to the bus for SCAC
$160 was paid for Area Alateen Sponsor Coordinator to attend SCAC
$75 is set aside for Alateen Start up
Currently $610.27 includes reserves for Alateen

Motion to set aside $160 for SCAC put forth by Lisa
Second by Graham

Further discussion on meeting in the church
                If the room is available, we will meet in the large room
                Church wants a quarterly donation for the use of the room
                                Suggestion to offer $25
                                Suggestion to offer $50
                                Suggestion to offer $35
Motion to offer $35 put forth by Lisa
Second by Graham
In favor – 16; Abstain – 1
Motion passed – Judy will discuss with the church

Joe is currently keeping the money at home
He spoke to Kathy Stater (SCWS Conference Treasurer) re: opening a checking account because we are                 accumulating funds
Joe will research and put forth an email vote
There would need to be two signers – who would they be
Suggestion that signers be DR/ADR and Treasurer
Motion to research opening an account put forth by Joe
Second by Gwen
All in favor – Unanimous

Joe will modify receipt form for groups to include an email address to email receipts for donations

Clarification needed re: purchasing of paper products – Sharon will purchase
Email/phone calls are made before each meeting as a reminder of a sign up to bring something to the                meeting
Sharon passed around sign-up sheet for next meeting

District Rep
There were some questions regarding the requested donation for the bus for SCAC
CAL does support giving donations on this way
Guidelines are free downloads available on the AFG website
Guidelines speak to donations with the AFG
SCAAC – planning meeting
                Speaker/dinner/fund raiser
                9/28 – 9/30 is the convention
     Judy to email a form for participation

Guidelines for AMAIS
                Each district is required to host a workshop during a panel

SCWS Archive coordinator wants to come to the District Meeting to meet with reps – they are looking                  for stories to share – our next mtg is 10/27
Vote in May at the Assembly to adopt the new guidelines for AMAIS
People interested in becoming Alateen sponsors should attend the District Meeting on Oct 27;  paper                 work to become a sponsor is available at the district mtg

No report

Alateen Liaison
No event “event” raised $400 for SCAC
Money was collected from each district for SCAC scholarships
Enough money was raised to retire the SCAC debt due to the generosity of the fellowship
$922 from D63 for SCAC scholarships
17 teens were awarded either full or partial scholarships, allowing them to attend
The Santa Ana mtg provided 80% of the funds and sent 14 teens.
                OC usually has their own bus, but this year they partnered with san Diego
                31 teens and 4 sponsors from OC were on the bus
SCAC Attendance
                Close to 300 teens and 50 sponsors
                Teens were in charge of mtgs and security
                Format was similar to that of a convention
3 Alateen meetings are in need of sponsors - see Cathleen

Pick a project for the panel
                Alateen Awareness Workshop
                Alateen Sponsor Workshop
                                Area Alateen Coordinator to do a module
                Beginners Meetings

Awareness Workshop
                Required by each panel as stated in the new AMAIS requirements
                Tarissa, Area Alateen Coordinator is booked through 7/2013 – there is an option to do an online                                             module
                Could tie Alateen Awareness into this as well – invite all districts and make it a fundraiser
                                Provide an introductory module and then modules for skill enhancement
                Current sponsors are required to attend a workshop every year w/in the certification period                                    which is from 7/1 – 6/30
                There is nothing scheduled in/around OC in 2013
Combine Alateen Awareness and Alateen Sponsorship Workshops
                Oct 6 in Laguna Beach is the only scheduled in OC
                35 group meetings; 3 Alateen mtgs and 2 pre-teen meetings
                2 step study meetings are trying to get going in HB
                How can we increase the number of meetings?  What are barriers?  Time slots? Available                                           sponsors?
                Suggestion made to distribute and circulate a form letter to be read at meetings to spark                                           interest in Alateen
                Judy to contact D60 to find out about partnering with them to do a workshop
                Alateen panel with round robin; new sponsor module given right after the panel
                Suggestion to do skill building module during the panel of Alateen speakers and do orientation                                             after the panel for those interested

Currently there are 30 Alateen sponsors, not all are active for a variety of reasons
                May want to keep certification current

Carry the Message Committee
                People could go to meetings to generate awareness of Alateen

To partner with D60, we would have to table the decision and we are already late in the year.

Motion put forth by Cathleen to make the panel project Building Alateen Awareness and the Alateen                 Program
Second by Lisa
Passed by unanimous vote

It was suggested that GRs go back to their groups and take a group conscience re: starting an Alateen                   meeting in conjunction with their meeting
There are only 3 Alateen mtgs – 2 stand alones and; 1 mtg in GG
Judy to contact Tarissa and schedule a day in Sept/Oct to get her on the schedule
Cathleen will research sites
Motion put forth by Janet to schedule a day with Tarissa
Second by Graham
Passed by unanimous vote

New Panel Members
Archive coordinator is interested in attending Oct mtg
                The group suggested we could invite people to the mtg from the panel to increase the                                                                connection

Hot Topics for the November Assembly
                What is the true definition of cross-talk according to CAL?
                Levels of support
                                What does it mean to support AlAnon?
                                What are district expenses?
                                Supporting AlAnon financially beyond the group level

Wrap Up
                2013 International Convention in Vancouver
                Holiday Alathon – looking for auction items – more info to come

Closing with AlAnon Declaration

Meeting adjourned 11:45am

Approved Minutes from April 28, 2012 Meeting

District 63 Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2012
Judy's in Costa Mesa
Minutes respectfully submitted: Vicki Vargo, Secretary

Meeting began at 9:10 with Serenity Prayer

Introductions: DR, GR-12, AGR-1, AlaTeen Liaison - 2 (outgoing/incoming), SCWS - 1, Treasurer for a total of 18 in attendance

Traditions - Graham
Daily Reader - Lisa
Concept 2 - Heidi

7th Tradition - Joe passed basket $45 collected

Secretary: Vicki read 1/28/12

Motion to approve minutes as amended put forth by Graham.
Amendments - one spelling error and clarification on theme for the term
1. Increase Awareness of Alateen
2. Increase Effectiveness of Sponsorship
3. Alateen Sponsor workshop
Unanimous approval.

Treasurer: Detailed review prepared and presented by Joe.
Members encouraged to talk to groups about contributing to D63 as only a couple of groups currently donate

Several arms to contribute to -
OC Information Office

Hospitality: Lisa and Sharon
Motion to allocate $25 to purchase paper products from 7th tradition and store at Judy's.
Items include - paper cups, napkins, plates and plastic ware.
Motion by Gwen, second by Lisa - 14 in favor

District Rep: Judy
Reminder that GR and AGR need to register - this can be done online for the Group Record Sec'y
May 19 - Assembly in Glendale, please plan to sit together as a District
Dealing with groups whose activities don't consider Al Anon as a whole
Hot topic for Assembly - proposed Changes to Alateen guidelines

ADR: No report

Alateen Liaison: Cathleen C

Results of the "No Event Event" info is being compiled, but about $400 was raised;

Recruiting Sponsors - fliers to be emailed; waiting for confirmation from Truck; Annual recertification is in process; SCAC registrations are starting-all applications will go to the Area Process Person; Scholarships will be handled by each District and go to the DR; Alateens may be coming to meetings to describe costs-meeting members will need to make a motion for donations and send donations directly to DR; Each District is responsible for matching scholarship funds to an attendee; D63 has 3 Alateen meetings; Last Chance picnic is an opportunity for all donated funds to be applied to those in need; $150 for teens, $160 for Adults (50 AMIAS need to attend); SCAC costs roughly $35,000; SCAC has until Dec 1 to pay off debt from theft and until July 15 to pay for SCAC 2012 or no SCAC in 2013; June 9 at Last Chance Picnic is deadline for applications; SCAC website has a running total of contributions.

Motion made by Joe to increase by $20 the amount set aside for the Alateen Liaison for SCAC.
Second by Sarah - in favor - 14

Meeting Location
Judy's House not quite large enough to host meetings; she would like to move meetings to Methodist Church which is available for a donation; this would provide a larger location with more flexibility when there are presentations;
Motion made by Gene to give DR discretion to spend $50 to move the meeting as needed.
Second by Sarah -
5 Y - 6 N - motion denied
Motion made by Gail to move the venue to a place not to exceed $50
Second by Lisa
8 Y - 0 N - 3 Abstain - motion carried

Project for Three Year Term
  • Alateen Awareness Workshop- there is a gap between Alateen and Al-Anon - what to do with 18-21 one year olds? Increase awareness of Alateen in general
  • Alateen Sponsor Workshop - sponsors better trained as they move into positions
  • Beginners Meetings
Special Presentation on Proposed Changes to Area Safety and Behavioral Requirements for Alateen Groups, Alateen Sponsors and AMIAS Alateen Discussion: Ben P and Kathi L

1. Age change from 21 to 25 - seems too long
Legal age is 18
Alateens start attending Al-Anon meetings so they can give back
Change age to 23
If the age is changed, current sponsors not meeting the requirement would be grandfathered in
2. Keep age at 25
Human brain not fully developed until mid 20's
Emotional maturity is important
3. Set up a structure to increase the number of Alateen speakers available for Al-Anon meetings
4. There is a blog on the SCWS website to send email or make suggestions for items to be considered in conjunction with the proposed changes
5. Recertification of Alateen Sponsors
A process for certification already exists
Recertification is annual
Set a specific process for recertification where people answer the same questions they were asked when they first signed up
Suggest a minimum number of questions to be asked during the recertification process
More accountability in the recertification process
Recert requires attendance at an annual workshop
6. Attend Alateen Workshop
There are specific modules
Alateen Sponsor Coordinator gives a module at the workshops
Background checks are multi-state
Financial background checks not currently performed
Background checks only done at initial certification
Suggest random background checks every 3-5 years
Suggested that Alateen M->M and F->F
Teens sponsor teens and adults sponsor meetings
7. Sponsors
Need to attend at least one workshop a year
Accountability is a concern
SCWS would ensure on workshop a quarter was offered at different locations; supported by the District
8. Resignation of Sponsors
Sponsors will resign immediately if three (3) SCWS members see or hear of conflict
Suggest that only elected positions have the authority to ask a sponsor to resign - too many people involved otherwise

Approved Minutes from January 28, 2012 Meeting

District 63 Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2012
At Judi's home in Costa Mesa

Minutes respectfully submitted: Kim LeBouton, secretary

Meeting began at 9:18am with Serenity Prayer

Introductions: DR, ADR, GR (8), AGR; Guests-Outgoing DR, ADR, Secretary, Hospitality, Alateen Liaison for a total of 16 in attendance

Traditions – Lisa M (Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2010-2013)
Daily Reader – Elaine (Hope for Today)
Concept 12 – Graham (Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2010-2013)

7th Tradition: Joe passed the basket - $63 Collected

Secretary: Kim read 9-29-2011
Motion to approve minutes as amended put forth by Lisa & Sarah seconded. Yeas-7; Abstains-4 Approved.
Treasurer: Joe read report.  Provided Al-Anon District 63 Group Contribution Form and District 63 Financial Report
Hospitality: Bob explained duties.
District Rep: Judy attended SOS in Glendale.  District 63 provided hospitality.
Alternate District Rep: Gwen unable to attend.
Alateen Liaison: http://www.scac.ws/
Intergroup WS Liaison: Not present and not sure who it is.

Nominate & Vote for Service Positions for term of January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2014
Secretary-Vicki will take over traditional piece
Hospitality-Lisa (1 yr)/Sharon
Alateen Liaison-Kathleen C
Explanation of Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2010-2013 and how to obtain a copy.
Set meeting date, time and place for 2012 (see right)
SCWS letters from Alateen theft-serious discussion about the theft and how to donate in this current environment. (Kim leaves meeting)

Raffle Baskets for AFG Convention:

It was decided that this would be left up to individual meetings to decide of they want to put together a basket

Theme for New Term:
Possibilities discussed:
1. Beginner Meetings - What is Al Anon All About
this was discussed at Sharing of Service, and it is uncertain how many there are in our district. The focus would be creating and mentoring these meetings.
2. Increasing Alateen Meetings
increase awareness and a workshop to increase effectiveness of Alateen sponsors
3. Public Outreach in Schools
It was decided that each rep would take these ideas back to their meetings and get group feedback about the focus.
A vote about the focus will be held at the April Meeting.
Wrap Up
Q: Can a GR also be an IR for a different meeting?

Judy will attend a committee meeting in Feb - email Judy with ideas/suggestions for hot topics for the assembly in May - judyp0285@yahoo.com

The Assembly in May will hold a vote for the Alateen Behavior Document - the SCWS blog has the document with opportunity for feedback

Meeting adjourned at 11:48am

Approved Minutes from October 29, 2011 Meeting

District 63 Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2011
At Randi's home in Tustin

Minutes respectfully submitted: Kim LeBouton, secretary

Meeting began at 9:17am with Serenity Prayer

Introductions: DR, ADR, Secretary, GR’s – 15; Guests-3 and Alateen Liaison for a total of 22 in attendance

Traditions – Elaine (Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2010-2013)
Daily Reader – Vicki (One Day at a Time)
Concept 12 – Sarah (Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2010-2013)
7th Tradition: Judy passed the basket - $63 Collected

Secretary: Kim read 7-23-2011

Motion to approve minutes as amended (a few spelling errors only) put forth by Sarah & Cathy seconded. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer: Detailed review, including hand-outs, of the last three years of transactions prepared and presented by Judy

Motion to approve $75 to support Alateen Startup put forth by Joe; seconded.  11 yea/1 no/2 abstain.  Motion passes.

Hospitality: Randi/Michelle Passed around list
District Rep: Bob provided hand outs for Area Safety & Behaviorial Requirements for Alateen.  Will discuss under business.  Area 4 Representative was invited, but schedule wouldn't accomdate our meeting.  Elaine attended 8/20/11 Committee Meeting.  Los Alamitos Alateen Meeting is happening.  Reminded meeting of email sent on 9/5/2011 titled SCWS Area Information.  Thank You to everyone for the last 3 years of services.
Alternate District Rep: Elaine discussed 8/20/2011 Committee Meeting.  She put forth a report of District 63 activities.
Alateen Liaison: Jim put forth that he is willing to give up his position.
Intergroup WS Liaison: Not present

Area Safety & Behavioral Requirements for Alateen
New DR/ADR Elections
  • DR-Judy
  • ADR-Gwen
  • January 2012 Meeting: 1/28/2012 (see Quarterly Meetings to the right)
  • Treasurer-Joe
  • Temp Secretary-Kim
Reaching out to meetings without a GR in District 63
Year: Q4,Q3,Q2,Q1
2011: 22, 18, 14, 16
2010: 10, 17, 14, 15
2009: 10, 16, 16, 16